1. Physics Activity: Dynamics (Crossword)
        2. Physics Activity: Energy & Momentum (Crossword)
        3. Physics Activity: Electric Energy (Crossword)
        4. Physics Activity: Dynamics (Wordsearch)
        5. Physics Activity: Energy & Momentum (Wordsearch)
        6. Physics Activity: Optic (Wordsearch)
        7. Physics Activity: Electric Energy (Matching)
        8. Physics Activity: Dynamics (Matching)
        9. Physics Activity: Units (Matching)
        10. Chemistry Activity: Chemical Reactions (Crossword)
        11. Chemistry Activity: Electrochemistry (Crossword)
        12. Chemistry Activity: Organic Chemistry (Crossword)
        13. Chemistry Activity: Nuclear Chemistry (Wordsearch)
        14. Chemistry Activity: Electrochemistry (Matching)
        15. Chemistry Activity: Light & Matter Waves (Matching)
        16. Physical Science Activity: The Periodic Table (Matching)
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